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Chinese New Year Dragon Dance
February 26th, 2018 Peninsula Education Group

Every year, on the first day of school after Chinese New Year, Peninsula Montessori School will hold a traditional celebration. This year we had a dragon dance celebration as a welcome to the new semester.

The dragon dance is commonly known around the world. The Chinese nation is the most populous country in the world, and in all the faraway places where Chinese people are settled, they regard the “dragon” as their mascot. During festivals, celebrations, blessings, exorcisms, temple ceremonies, etc., it is common to see dragon dances. It is a symbol of Chinese culture. Every festive season, people like to invoke the dragon dance as a prayer for a good year ahead and a request for life’s blessings to be bestowed on them.

Our school dragon dance aimed at making children feel the unique characteristics of Chinese folk-customs and traditional arts, and to impart the feeling that there is an important ceremony for the start of the new semester.

Around half past nine, with the approaching rumble of drums and sounds, people shouted excitedly: “The dragon is coming, the dragon is coming!” and after hearing these shouts, children also began to look around in anticipation.

After a while, a mighty dragon appeared at the entrance of Peninsula Kindergarten. The dragon had golden scales, a bright yellow dragon body, a pair of big piercing eyes on its big head, and a golden dragon ball in its mouth.

Then, the dragon danced with the sound of gongs and drums, “dong dong qiang, qiang qiang qiang, dong dong dong.” It sometimes flew in the air, sometimes circled around the grounds, and sometimes posed curled up. Dragon dancers swiftly moved from left to right, up and down, and front and back. It was all very attractive for the children, who would burst out in squeals of joy and laughter.

The colorful dragon dance activity of this spring festival, which is a seemingly simple initial experience of culture, can not only help children feel the atmosphere of traditional Chinese festivals, but also permeate children’s hearts with traditional Chinese culture. The Peninsula Kindergarten wishes all the children a happy and healthy new year.

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